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We Moved!

In 2023 Military Connections Moved our Care Package Program. Update your Address Book!

Military Connections 313 Tionesta Drive New Kensington, PA 15068

New Year! New Times!

In 2021 we introduced a new Platform to meet both the restraints of the pandemic and the needs of our Deployed Troops. Our Troops & Our Volunteers have embraced the change and we look forward to continuing operations in the New Year!

New Platform:

• Deployed Troops will continue to use our website to request care packages and as requests come in we will alert our supporters to the current needs. As supplies are donated we will assemble care packages and ship.

• Our focus will remain on Shipping Essential Supplies while Boosting Morales. There will be less focus on Seasonal Shipments.

• We will take advantage of online donations and continue to share Wish Lists to make donating easy. Simply use our address as the “ship to” location and your donation is shipped directly to our organization.

• Military Connections will solely operate from our Plum Borough location. (We have a New Kensington Mailing Address) Donations can easily be shipped or dropped off for our Troops.

• The Annual Golf Outing will not take place in 2024. We are closing the book on large in-person events. We will focus on more individual donations, raffle tickets and auctions.

• Military Connections will continue to offer volunteer opportunities as the need arises.

We look forward to carrying on the Mission of Supporting Our Troops! Thank you for always supporting us.
Summer Tissue, Founder
Military Connections Corporation

Did You Know?

  1. Military Connections is 100% Volunteer Run–All Donations are Used for the Care Package Project
  2. Military Connections has been providing Care Packages and Essential Supplies to Troops Since 2003
  3. Military Connections is a Registered 501 c 3 non-profit recognized by the IRS so all Donations are Tax-Deductible
  4. We are Always in the Most Need for Food & Snack Donations
  5. 90% of Our Care Packages are Shipped to Combat Zones
  6. Military Connections Focuses on Shipping Care Packages to Service Members who do not have any family or friends
  7. The Troops Love Chocolate and We Can Ship Chocolate from November 1st to March 1st
  8. Military Connections operates out of the lower level of our Founder’s Home to keep Operating Costs at a minimum
  9. Each Care Package shipped to an APO address costs roughly $30 in postage. Each Care Package Shipped to an FPO address costs roughly $70 in postage. Keep those Care Packages Flying! Donate towards Postage via the DONATE Tab on the left side of the website or drop a check in the Mail to Military Connections~ 313 Tionesta Drive ~ New Kensington, PA 15068
  10. Military Connections Cannot Ship Open or Expired Food to the Troops so check those expiration dates before Donating

Military Connections Delivers Christmas Cheer!

Our Christmas Stockings are starting to arrive overseas! Thank You to everyone that helped stuff stockings, donated supplies and contributed to postage! Special Thanks to our Friends at the USO for making deliveries for us. Their team is able to reach Deployed Troops throughout the region ensuring that everyone has a Happy Holiday Season!


More Stockings Arriving overseas! Did you know that we work with the local USO branches deployed to areas that we may not be able to reach to ensure that everyone receives vital supplies and a little Christmas cheer? Check out the attached photos from the frontlines and follow us at Military Connections, PGH for more photos.


From the USO and 728 AMS:

We had the pleasure of swinging by 728 AMS and the Office of Emergency Management with some holiday cheer this week! We delivered some holiday stockings courtesy of our friends at Military Connections, PGH, who are some of our biggest supporters year-round.
One service member said that they were so happy to get one, and another shared that it was really nice to feel cared for so far from home.

Proud to be From Pittsburgh! Military Connections, PGH was featured on WPXI!
Thank YOU to everyone that supports our Care Package Project! Enjoy the video!

Click here for video

Special Thank You from USO Incirlik

I hope this message finds you well and full of holiday spirit! I wanted to reach out with a personal thank you for gathering these items and stuffing the stockings full of treats for our service members. Holidays can be a rough time for service members, especially the young ones, who may be away from family for the first time. With the support of people and organizations like yours we are able to come together and boost morale of service members everywhere. Your boxes of stockings ended up in Turkey where the US Air Force is supporting Operation Inherent Resolve. Incirlik is a wonderful base, full of history beginning back in the 1950s when this base was first established. Please feel free to share this and make sure to follow our Facebook page, USO Incirlik, to see all the great thigs we do and provide for our military members. Incirlik is run by a small staff of civilians (3) and completely backfilled with service members who volunteer their time. There are no retirees, dependents, spouses, or other civilians that help; this center runs on the sacrifice of selfless service members who want to give back to their military community. We are one of the busiest centers in the region with programs almost daily that engage service members through things like food, entertainment and games to try and bring comfort to life across the world. Check out what we have planned coming up in December!

I can not express enough gratitude for the support you and your volunteers provide. As a giant team of non-profits working together, we can make this holiday season the best on yet for our service members. Thanks again and hope to see you and all your friends join the Facebook page and watch these special men and women continue their support and dedication to the mission of protecting the freedoms of Americans.

Take care,

Center Manager

What a Day! Thank YOU to everyone that joined us to Support 2019 Sewing Day! Roughly 105 men and women stopped by the church to help with the day! Special Thanks to Rusty and Martha for organizing. Congrats to Nancy Zimmerman who won the 2019 Quilt. It was gorgeous and many sewers were sad to not win! Special Thank You to Murrysville Alliance Church for donating the space. Their Veterans Organization was on-site to help with all of the heavy lifting!By the Numbers…
5200 Stockings Created
1100 Stockings Donated by a Member of the Guild
428 Stockings Donated by Fawn Sewing Group
$1354 donated towards shipping
15+ cases of supplies donated for stuffingStay tuned for Stocking Stuffing Updates! Be sure to Follow us on Facebook: Military Connections, PGH


Adopt a Care Package

Military Connections is a non-profit organization that sends care packages to Service Members stationed overseas. Over 2000 troops are on our mailing list and we need your support! You can adopt a package to be sent to one of our men or women for a donation of $10.00. Simply fill out the bottom of the form and return it along with your donation to Military Connections.

Your donation enables our organization to fill a care package with food, snacks, and healthcare supplies. A note will be included in your package to let your Soldier, Marine, Sailor, or Airman know that you adopted their package. Care Packages are a great morale booster for the troops!

Adopt a Package Donor Form

Return This Form and Donation to:
Military Connections
313 Tionesta Drive New Kensington, PA 15068

Military Connections In the News!

2/4 Marines Iraq 2004

Summer Tissue, Founder Military Connections, started shipping care packages because of her brother and the Marines of the 2/4. While overseas in 2004 they had minimal supplies and reached out to Summer for aid. Below is a video they shared with Military Connections upon their return.

KDKA NewsRadio 1020AM Names Summer Tissue Hometown Hero

On March 7th, 2013 Summer Tissue received a KDKA NewsRadio 1020 Hometown Heroes Award. Surrounded by a cheering section of family and friends Summer accepted the award and shared her story with the attendees, many of whom were Wounded Warriors. Summer Tissue started Military Connections ten years ago because her brothers€™s unit was stationed in Iraq and was in desperate need of supplies. Military Connections ships about 600 boxes a month to the troops in Afghanistan and surrounding regions. To learn more about Military Connections and how you can support our troops overseas visit

Excerpt from Hometown Hero Acceptance Speech:

“Growing up my brother and I would fight and my mom would tell us that we shouldn’t fight because one day we would not be together and should love each other while we have the chance. Of course we would always roll our eyes and shake our heads, but 21 years later I realized what she meant. The first time I drove my brother to the airport I sat and cried in the parking lot for an hour. When you put a loved one a plane headed for Iraq it’s hard to say goodbye. I was not sure how I was going to make it through his first deployment, but lucky for me there wasn’t too much down time before he called with what turned out to be my ten year mission.

I didn’t start shipping care packages because I wanted to run a non-profit, or make a difference, or change the way troops lived, I did what any other sister would do. I tried to make my brother and the Marines of the 2/4 know that there were people back home supporting them. I didn’t want them to go without things such as toilet paper or Tylenol.

It’s been ten years since I shipped my first care package, but I always tell people that once you ship one box, it’s hard not to ship another. I have shipped over 1 million care packages to the troops overseas. My basement is filled with supplies, my truck is never filled with fuel, my door is always blocked with boxes, my phone never stops ringing, but when I receive a letter from one of my soldiers or Marines it reminds why I do this. These are my boys. I have watched them grow, marry, have children, and change the world. If one simple box filled with candy and everyone’s favorite beef jerky can make a difference to them then at the end of the day nothing else matters.” – Summer Tissue

kdka1 kdka2


Guidelines for Holiday Cards/ Troop Support Letters

Cards/ Letters can be Generic or if you are including a Note you can use “Dear Soldier” or “Dear Marine”

Cards/Letters should not exceed 8” x 11” in size
Cards/Letters cannot contain any political or anti-Troop sentiments
We accept unused greeting cards year round
You can include a return address if you want

Deadlines for Holidays/ Letters

In Order to ship the Cards in time for the Holidays please deliver cards/ letters by the dates listed below.

Valentine’s Day—February 1st
Easter—3 Weeks Prior to Holiday (Date Changes each Year)
Fourth of July—June 22nd
Veteran’s Day—November 1st
Halloween— October 19th
Thanksgiving—November 9th
Christmas—December 5th
New Year’s Day—December 5th


Frequent Flier Miles
Do you have frequent flier miles that you aren’t going to use or are about to expire? Fisher House, which serves our wounded military and their families, needs frequent flier miles. Your donation will help wounded soldiers and marines in Afghanistan to fly home after their treatment or will help their families fly to visit them. If you want to donate go to and click on “hero miles.”



Dear Military Connections,
Thank you so much for the care packages that have been sent to myself and everyone else here in Iraq! These care packages have helped boost the morale of all of the soldiers here and we truly appreciate all of the hard work and dedication every volunteer has contributed to the cause. We all appreciate the support from back home and the care packages have been wonderful! Thank you!!!
SGT Breanna M.
U.S. Army


This is Wendy from USS Paul Hamilton (DDG-60) a friend of Patty Gyke. Thank you so much for the care packages you have been sending to me. I am so happy to have Military Connections Corporation supporting me while I’m out here deployed. I am not picky I appreciate everything you put into the care packages. I share with my coworkers highly appreciated by them. I understand all the tough conflicts due to COVID-19 which has taken over the year of 2020. Once again, thank you so much.
Kindly Regards,
USS Paul Hamilton (DDG-60)


I would like to personally thank you and your organization for sending the thoughtful care packages on my deployment. I have had the opportunity to share the wonderful treats with my team as well as putting several morale functions using the items provided. As a leader in the US Military, morale has become a focal point for the troops and having the opportunity to provide these functions not only makes my job easier by boosting morale, but allows my team members to cut loose and remember a little taste of home. From simple things such as microwave popcorn to cookies, the smiles that you have provided from across the ocean is appreciated more than you know. On Easter 2020, I got together with another supervisor and with the plastic Easter eggs and candy provided, we filled over 500 Easter eggs and hid them around our building. The smiles on their faces were priceless. Attached is several photos taken from that morning. We appreciate the time, dedication and sacrifice your team has committed to making our deployment feel that much closer to home.


Mike B.


Good Afternoon Military Connections:

You are very brave to keep taking care of us when I know times are tough for you stateside. You are only one of two people who have sent us treats since the pandemic started in the US. Extra special thank-you to the Easter Bunny! Stay safe.

Kind Regards,

Darryl L.

405 EFSF


I Just want to send a BIG THANK YOU! My platoon’s morale was very high today after receiving your goodies from you guys.

Thanks Again

Nicholas P.

135th chemical Company


Military Connections,

We have received your very generous care packages! There was so many treats and hygiene products to go around it was a deep sigh of relief to some of us lacking some supplies. One of the highlights was the colorings and drawings tucked at the bottom. The Easter egg care packages were a great touch and a lot of these packages were grabbed up quickly. There are already people using the fake grass and colored eggs for decoration. Thank you once again for your continued support to us, even in these trying times! We all hope you are staying safe and healthy as well.


Michael C.


I just got 3 boxes of Easter bags. Thank you so much! We will use this for
our Easter celebration next week.
Taury V.

My husband recently received a care package of delicious snacks from Military Connections. As you can tell, he is extremely happy opening the box and seeing food that is hard to come by there. He received this package after being in the field for two weeks, so it was a great welcome back gift! We both appreciate the time and support your organization takes to send packages to soldiers away from their families. Even if you can’t see all the expressions of the soldiers opening their package, I know all are appreciative of receiving something to remind them of back home. I can tell so much thought and effort goes into each package.

Thank you so much.
Kaylyn C.


Just wanted to send a huge thank you for you and Military Connections. I received these pics today from him, they were ecstatic! They truly enjoyed the box full of delicious treats and had a huge smile on – which put a smile on my face as well.

Thank you for everything that Military Connections does to help soldiers feel a little more at home.

Kaylyn C.


Please accept this Flag as a token of my appreciation on behalf of my squadron, VP-46. Also included is a certificate signed by the aircrew who took this Flag on their mission against ISIS and the signatures of my Executive Officer and Commanding Officer. Your Support for Deployed Services truly impacts our morale and welfare. To you and your team, Thank You & Happy Holidays.

Peter C.
VP 46


Military Connections–
Thank You so much for Thinking of the Wounded, ill, and injured service members here in Germany during this holiday season. We have decorated a tree with the stockings for the service member to take with them for their journey.
Tam. F. (Center Manager)


My name is Courtney. I am currently deployed to Qatar and I am in charge of donations for the medical group here. Our medical unit recently received care packages from you and I just wanted to send an email to thank you for the support and generous donations! The medical staff and patients greatly appreciate it! It is a reminder from home that keeps us all motivated (especially during the holidays). We hope to hear from you again soon!



I wanted to take a brief moment to thank everyone at Military Connections in Pittsburgh for the amazing morale package! The festive St. Patrick’s Day stockings arrived just in time to help us celebrate in true spirit.

It has been said before that scent and taste have the most significant link to one’s memory, something as simple as a pack of M&M’s (something not easily obtained here) can truly change ones day! There was plenty for all of my team members to enjoy as we truly appreciate the kindness and generosity of everyone that helped to put this package together!
Best regards,
Christofer B.
Daylight Flight Chief


Good morning from Kuwait. I just wanted to say that you so much for the packages that your team has been sending me here in Kuwait. I divide the packages up and give them to the Soldiers and i cannot tell how much they really appreciate all of the goodies that you send. I just wanted to take the time to say thank you and know that your support is appreciated. I hope that you have a great day.

Very Respectfully,
CPT Alexandra L.


I want to thank you for all the support you have provided us. All the care
packages were accounted for within minutes of opening. Thank you for
supporting our mission and boosting morale. Attached is a photo of all the
people you helped. Your assistance helped make our mission a success!

Eric B.


Military Connections,

I want to send continued thanks to you and your team. We love the care packages and I cannot believe how much work you put into it. They are truly appreciated, and we share them with our whole unit and building.

The Easter eggs just arrived and we love them! Thank you again for everything you do. I hope people tell you how much we appreciate it. It really means a lot and makes a difference over here.

Hillary K.


I would like to thank all the individuals who helped put together the stockings and snacks to TF2010 personnel in Qatar. These types of packages truly make us feel like what we do has a purpose. Thank you.

Tina J.


Merry Christmas to the fine folks at Military Connections. I am one of the lucky recipients of one of your holiday goodie stockings. It’s great to enjoy some holiday treats and snacks from y’all, and to know that you’re thinking of us.

Many thanks! Blessings and holiday cheer from my task force to yours!

Very respectfully,

J. Andrew R.
Task Force 2010


Wow! We are overwhelmed by your generosity. Thank you so much for the stockings we are having a great time distributing them. They are really helping to brighten the holidays for some men and women who have been working very hard over here. It is hard to imagine it is the holidays when you are in the desert and it is still in the 90’s, so these little touches really help remind the service members that it is Christmas. It also shows them that they aren’t forgotten which is especially important this time of year.

Thanks for your support! We really do appreciate it.

Merry Christmas,
Debbie L.
379th Expeditionary Force Support Squadron


Thank you so much for everything that you and Military Connections do. Our Squadron has received the care packages that you have been sending and can’t thank you enough. Once we received the initial group of packages I thought that would be all and have been pleasantly surprised that the packages have continued to come. I assure you that everything you have sent has been put to good use and has helped the Airmen and Marines of this Squadron. Please continue doing what you are doing and extend my thanks out to the many people and organizations that have helped in your efforts!

– Travis D.





Thanks so much for the boxes of Girl Scout cookies and other food items! It was much appreciated. I can’t tell you how quickly I was jumped when I was putting the food out for everyone to take their favorites. It was actually quite entertaining. There is a lack of the “finer” foods at this new location and every little bit of home is appreciated.

Thanks again for the food packages. I know everyone here is very appreciative of your support.

I hope all is well with you.

–Jessica R.


Hi Military Connections!

I got the stockings tonight, and WOW! I couldn’t believe how many were in there, so I passed them out on each of the desks in my section and the next several adjacent sections last night. I did this while they were out, so they’d have a nice surprise waiting for them when they got in this morning. Everyone was shocked and thoroughly enjoyed them. I took one myself, as well, and it’s here in my room with me. Please send my thanks and thanks from everyone here to all the people involved in making and sending them. They were a nice lift to everyone’s spirit here.
–Steve R.
Summer, thank you very much for the cute stockings! They were very much appreciated and made us all feel a part of the holiday celebrations that we would usually have at home. The stockings are hanging in our little mud hut rooms! Thank you very much for the support you’ve given all of us while in country. It’s nice to know people haven’t forgotten about us 🙂 I’m sorry I haven’t been in touch more – I’m in a remote location to say the least and don’t have very good internet access. All you do for us is a treat and we are thankful for your support!
–Maj Amanda C.


Hi Summer,

We just received your gifts today. I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you (Santa), and all your elves, for your tremendous support. The gifts you provided are greatly appreciated. May your holidays be filled with joy, happiness and prosperity through the New Year; and may our Father in Heaven continue guiding your way!

–Lawrence E. DAC

Chaplain Services


Dear Military Connections

We have received a box with full of candy and snack on 19 March.
As always, our soldiers are very grateful and motivated by your love and support, because this not just a piece of candy or a chocolate.
I can guarantee for that.

Thank you and God Bless the MC troops,

Very Respectfully,

SPC Soe, Pyai
US Army Chaplain Assistant
HHB 1-82 FA
Camp Buehring, Kuwait


Hello Summer and Military Connections!!!

I want to thank you so very much for everything you have sent me through out my deployment, it not only made my day, but also the others that i work with that never got anything. I especially enjoyed all of the easter candy that you sent me. I got to hand a lot of that out to everyone to uplift their spirits would you say. Anything and everything that yo sent me from toothpaste and toothbrushes, to all the soup and candy really helped me and the others. I want to extend my hand and thank you from the bottom of my heart not only from me, but from everyone else i work with. It means a lot when you recieve things from others. It feels good to know that their are others who were thinking about you and what you are doing. Honestly, I could’t thank you enough. So, thank you thank you thank you!!!!!!!!!!!


Tony Gyke and the rest of the engineering crew of USS Harpers Ferry LSD 49

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


As the 1SG for the 703 EOD the support we have received through Military Connections has been invaluable. This is the first deployment for half of my Company and the support and love we have felt has made a lasting impression on all of my Soldiers and has been truly been over whelming. As for many of my NCO who have been with me through other deployments the generosity we have received has set a precedence we have not experienced before. I can not say enough about how much the gifts you have donated mean to those of us downrange.

Thank you,

1SG John Treida


On September 11th volunteers from Military Connections unloaded a huge box truck filled with supplies and care packages from Luzerne County in Pennsylvania. This is a note from one of the soldiers that received a box from the truck.

I’d like to thank all of you for the tremendous amount of support. We have received all the boxes, 14 I believe, and passed them out to the soldiers. They all extend their thanks and wish all a happy holiday season. It’s a great feeling knowing that people back home, even those who we don’t know, care and support us. The soldiers definitely appreciate the time and effort that you all have donated to make our lives a little better. It raises the morale of us all, especially the young soldiers who have never been away from home. We have been working hard here for the past 14 months and are nearing the end of our tour. Since we got here, we have made huge gains in securing the area and rebuilding the local infrastructure. We are down to almost zero attacks and the local population is starting to feel safe outside their homes. They have started to work with us to rid the area of insurgents which has also started to produce more jobs. Well again I’d like to thank everyone for their support and hard work, it definitely makes a difference. -Joe Parsons



I want to take this moment out of my day and send you this short e-mail and THANK YOU, from the bottom of my heart for all that you have sent to the soldiers of my unit. We received all 7 Large boxes this past weekend, and i have been passing out the stockings everyday to my soldiers. It will take about 1 week, since my soldiers work all over this base and work all different shift. I know that it takes a lot of time and money to put theses stockings together, and me and the Company Commander will be sending you a little something to cover that. I am from your area, and have several soldiers in my unit that are from the same area. The unit is from the Wilkes-Barre area, and we will be back in states around July-August time frame. Thank you again for all your support, and me and the rest of the soldiers of the HHC 320th MP BN wish your families a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!-Frank Lewis

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